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Meet the CEO of "Monetthefashionicon" from Miami, FL. 

I always had a craving for fashion since a young girl so I decided to turn it into a business. You shouldn't worry about what to wear, let that be my issue. From photoshoots, birthday, vacations or even hanging out with the girls. I can style you creatively and help you expand your style sense. With all that said chileee I think it's time for you to become an ICON! Please visit the page "Styling services" for more.

"Fashion is what you buy, STYLE is what you do with it!


Refund/ Cancellation Policy

Style Subscription 

No refunds will be available for style subscriptions (monthly or yearly) as it is a virtual service and you are instantly given the details on the outfits used in personal styles. Once subscription is paid your service is met. It is your responsibility to remember to cancel your this service as payments automatically come out.

Personal Styling

Refunds will be given back by subject. If customers expectations are not met they can expect 50% of the total cost refunded to them.

Terms & Conditions 

I am glad you made it to Read through this carefully to understand how this contract is a legal agreement between you and I "monetthefashionicon". 

The website and services are offered to your acceptance to these terms and conditions ("Terms or Agreements") By using this site and agreeing you also agree with "refund policy" "privacy policy" "fulfillment policy" and our "terms and conditions". 

Privacy Policy 

Making your web experience  better is a priority for us and for that reasoning we do collect data to use. Through the service of this website we collect:

Contact Data ( personal information like email, name, phone number)

Profile Data (when you enter your information under "contact" and sign up you are making a profile on to keep up with our web update and form communities. 

Marketing Data ( when you provide your email address you are giving me permission to send you emails throughout the day so you have information on style details, sales and giveaways.)

Fulfillment Policy 

Style subscription 

Once payment is made you will instantly have the details on the outfits used on our instagram @monetthefashionicon (you are responsible to cancel style subscription as payments are automatic, you are agreeing with this term)

Personal Styling

Once deposit is paid, I will begin putting together your perfect outfit. I will always try my best to deliver your outfit within a timely matter and within the discussed budget. Depending on the extravagance of your event, I may require more time (this will be discussed verbally if need be). Personal styling should take no more than 1 week. Once customer agrees they like style after shown they will pay the rest of the style fee.

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